Not long now. We leave for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on Monday night, and we haven’t even packed. What we have done, however, is send our set up ahead of us. That feels particularly odd. I mean, a lot of the oddness is the fact that we’re actually doing a show up there (that hasn’t really calcified itself into reality as yet), but since we’re (the company of three) going to be going up to Scotland on the late night ticket via Megabus (you know, like proper starving artists), it feels strange that our set – such as it is – is going to get a slightly less cramped journey than we expect to have.


The bus we have is probably *not* going to look like this. But I would like us to take a moment to acknowledge which studio made this    tits-n-laffs 70s comedy.

As I write this, the rain is pleasantly pattering down outside the window, almost as if it’s prepping a thousand Southern actors and stand-ups for the variances of the Edinburgh weather. It is  – as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before – the very first time that I’ve been up to the fringe as a production (as it were), so it will be interesting to note just how this goes – not just in terms of success, etc, but basic sanity. I’ve always been very aware, if only on an academic level, of just how lucky we are to be living in a city – Brighton – that hosts the third largest fringe festival in the world. Each May, we don’t have to fork out a fortune to bring a show (and a cast) down to the South, and find accommodation for the duration. Now, we’re getting our hands down and dirty with everyone else.


Cacophony A3 Poster

We’re hearing rumours of various posters already turning up around Edinburgh. We’d ask you to send us pics of this one, but it’s still at the printers. 

I’m going to be doing some reviewing while I’m at the fringe (and sombrely pondering just how long one can create their own work while reviewing others – I’m not exactly Tynan), and will post the links to the reviews on this blog, as well as updates on the Cast Iron Theatre Podcast – already past it’s 21st episode.




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