Thursday 25th May 2017 


We’re hitting the last week of the Brighton Fringe here, which might surprise some people, who – despite actually living in Brighton – might have thought that it ends this weekend, if they were aware at all that it was still going on. It’s an odd thing; the fringe: for those of us who are actually involved with it, it’s pretty much a 24/7 thing, with stuff like jobs and other mundane matters being merely squeezed into the gaps. It’s easy to forget that there are many in town who either don’t know or (gasp) don’t care. 

Cast Iron Theatre’s production, Model Organisms, got out of the gate in the first week, and so as a production house, we’ve been able to spend the rear of May in a state of relative relaxation (relative, I said. Things haven’t chanted that much). I mean, there’s a couple of old scripts being revived,  two new shows being created as we speak (about which, more later), and a couple of short stories that are teaching me a lot about deadlines and even more about editing. Actually, the main thing I learned about one of my deadlines is that it’s exactly a month later than I thought it was, which is good news, especially as I already thought that it was in pretty good shape. 

Elsewhere, the podcast is also in good shape: we’ve conducted fourteen separate interviews so far, and we seem to be getting a good response. We’ve been super-busy with the fringe (obviously a lot of people want to sell their shows in May), and so it means that the podcasts have been coming thick and fast. 


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