Sunday 23rd April 2017


Busy week (as ever) coming up: we’ve got a number of episodes of the Cast Iron Theatre Podcast already recorded, and ready to drop. Last Thursday, we uploaded our chat with Brighton writer and director Sam Chittenden, and you can find a link to the iTunes info here. It’s been a really fun experience, and we have some exciting episodes lined up, including a chat with Michael Graney, PopHeart Productions, and even a chat with ourselves (sort of), as we get under the hood of Cast Iron Theatre, and chat about Model Organisms, our upcoming play for the Brighton Fringe.

There has been (somewhat) a lull of sorts, a chance to catch my breath as the Easter holidays have passed by, but that moment has well and truly sauntered on. The IronClad Improv sessions are still happening, every Sunday at the DukeBox Theatre, despite the fact that the Iron Duke Pub is no longer called that: it’s now called The Southern Belle, after the iconic train that used to connect Brighton to London. Current rail users may marvel at the fantasy that there was a train that could be relied on to get passengers from the South coast to the capital, but yes, such a thing was in fact a reality. Those of you who are in fact regulars to the Sunday night drop in may be interested to know that there’s a long form course coming up (fairly) soon, and this seems like a good time to give you the heads up that throughout May, the Sunday nights will be at a different location to accommodate the fringe (but will indeed still be going ahead).

Apart from that, I have a couple of deadlines to wrestle to the ground. So we’ll meet back here another time. Subscribe (and rate, and comment) to the podcast, and if you’re allergic to Apple, you can find us on soundcloud, as well.


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