New Casting Announcement For Doctor Who?



(This feature appears on Cultbox:)

Inspired by the ongoing debate as to whether or not the new Doctor Who will be played by a woman, Casual Violence (‘the UK’s most physically attractive, triple award winning sketch comedy group’) have imagined this press release from the BBC, saying that fan’s ‘smart, incisive arguments’ have been listened to – and a new show is on its way to TV screens.


Directed by J W Roberts, the sketch gives us a sneak preview of a female led sci-fi drama with ‘Who’ in the title, premiering on BBC2 (not BBC1, are you crazy?), and hopes that any talk of glass ceilings and patriarchy can now finally be put to rest. Or, as writer James Hamilton comments: ‘HAHAHAHAHA’


There’s lots to enjoy here from the stars of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Sketchorama’,  not least a very believable casting for the new companion, and – intentionally or not – a neat sideswipe at The Sarah Jane Adventures. Enjoy the sketch below:


Casual Violence are appearing in their new sketch show, The Grot In The Grotto, at this year’s Brighton Fringe:



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