Tuesday 3rd May 2016


Yeah, lots of stuff going on this week. I have a final draft of Piratanical to finish – ignoring the fact that I already finished a final draft at least twice before. At least this time, I don’t have to blame my can’t-leave-it-alone hack writer tendencies, but more the fact that I’m writing for youth theatre – an actual youth theatre, with all the shifting sands of new kids suddenly turning up that that entails. Normally when you write something, you’re writing a fixed piece, with a certain number of characters, who will serve whatever plot it is that you come up with. In this situation, I’m having to find the plot to serve the number of actors (all of whom of course have varying levels of confidence and experience). It’s obviously a fool’s errand to find a role that’s perfect for everybody (there really might be tears before bedtime), but we have many brilliant kids who deserve a shot at some decent stage time. It’s becoming one of the toughest things I’ve written.

Apart from the other toughest thing I’ve written, of course. Year Without Summer is rocking through rehearsal, and we open in less than a month. It’s about – well, it’s about many things, really, but the strongest hook for me to talk about if you happen to know absolutely nothing about the story is to say that 200 years ago, Mary Shelley came up with the idea for Frankenstein. In fact, on the day of me writing this blog entry, it’s exactly 200 years since she and lover Percy ran away in the middle of the night. They also had a passenger, Claire Clairmont, who features somewhat strongly in our play. Rehearsals are fun, we’ve got a greatly charismatic cast, and I’m looking forward to seeing our venue in Brighton in the next week or so.



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