Thursday 24th December 2015


Taking advantage of the lull before the (Christmas) storm in order to prep all manner of things for 2016. I’m in the odd position of turning things down (or at the very least postponing them), which I’ve never had the intelligence to do before. But that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to be horrifically busy in the first quarter of the year. Two things will be happening in the same month (March): we have Cast Iron VII, which will be the next batch of short plays – ten minutes long or so – produced at the DukeBox Theatre in Hove. We’ve been doing Cast Iron Theatre for a couple of years now, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the support we continually get from our audiences. We’re currently seeking new plays – and also actors and directors – for our next shows. The dates are still to be confirmed, but the deadline for the scripts will be in early January (ideally, everyone will have started rehearsals by mid January).

Also in March, Cast Iron Theatre is curating an event for International Woman’s Day. Called Not Just The Companion, it will be an evening of women performers parts that are traditionally male. As you may already be aware, there’s a huge imbalance in roles that are iconic for men, versus similar for women. This is not reflected in the number of hugely talented women both in the professional and amateur world who are simply not served by sometimes unsatisfying and / or undemanding roles. Quite often, women can be reduced to playing wives and girlfriends, without having agency of their own. Not Just The Companion is a (very) small attempt to begin to redress that balance. More details as we go along.


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