Save As You Go


Have been attempting to write some sketches this week, which has been challenging to say the least. Added to that, they are topical sketches, which adds to the confusion and bewilderment. I have got some basic ideas that I am beginning to vaguely stitch together, although it’s probably going to be a while before they are in any way funny. Whenever I’ve found a story that has a good angle to it, I’m invariably reminded of this helpful blog from BBC Newsjack, which basically goes on about the difficulty of translating a funny story to a funny sketch (essentially, all the funny stuff is already in the original story, so there is rarely any point in trying to make up new jokes: they’re unlikely to be funnier than real life).

I tend to write a lot better outside the house – in cafes and the like – despite the inevitably noisier surrounds that that will involve. In fact, I find surround system of people’s chatter more soothing than not – at the very least, in the first draft stage, at least. Obviously, I’m very rarely in the café during office hours – usually, I’m at work – and I’ve been surprised anew at the sort of people who are populating these places during the day. It’s a bit of an unfair image: we’re still in the dying days of the summer holidays, so as far as I know, everyone else in these cafes are also under the looming shadow of Back-To-Work. But I have noticed something of a recurring pattern in the groups of people that have been sat over at the next tables in all these various coffee shops. Everyone appears to be working on a script. Or filming an advert. Or looking through thirty actor’s CVs.

Added to all this, at some point late in the process, I managed to delete all the sketches I’d written. Not just ‘lose’ them, but actually delete them – which meant that all those helpful guides online about how to recover ‘lost’ files were really not helpful at all. Save as you go along kids, save as you go along. I rewrote what I could remember from the sketches, but it was a bit of a hack job, so I’m not really satisfied with what I’ve come up with so far. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s still early days for me, and this sketch writing lark is something I’m determined to solve, if by no other method than sheer bloody-mindedness.


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